Manuell folding door (Ecolid)

Ecolid (folding doors)

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional overhead doors

rapid roll doors (Revolid)

Revolid (rapid roll doors)

Framed hinged door

Hinged doors

steel door

Ecolid (steel doors)


With over 40 years’ experience working with doors and an ability to listen to both buyer and user needs, we can offer a modern industrial door solution that not only provides a high level of functionality, but also contributes to an attractive and well considered building exterior. A solution that reinforces your brand. Our highly automated production facilities, combined with our focus on efficiency and quality at all levels, means that we can offer competitively priced doors that will ensure low costs for you, our customer, even far into the future.

Can we keep improving doors?
We definitely think so, and constantly think up new innovations, designs, and improvements. And without wanting to beat our own drum too much, we would probably say that few companies show as much dedication and commitment to doors as Prido.