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In a highly automated and state-of-the-art facility, situated in the middle of the Swedish province of Västergötland, we produce more than 13.500 high-quality industrial doors every year, making us one of Europe’s largest folding door manufacturers. Founded in 1973, Prido has 50 years of experience in the field of industrial doors. By gathering development and production under the same roof, we achieve economies of scale that offer unique competitive advantages, in terms of both costs and quality. Our industrial doors provide quality, technology and design combined with low purchase and maintenance costs.


Ecolid Folding Door is Sweden’s best-selling industrial door. It is truly an economically sound and eco-friendly option, with a high-finish surface and minimal maintenance needs. Endurance tested for 1,000,000 opening cycles and comes with a 7-year warranty within the Nordic countries, other countries 2-year warranty.. If you need a well-insulated, affordable and stylish folding door, you don’t need to look any further.


Sectional overhead doors from Dutch company Alpha Deuren industrial doors are the result of cutting-edge design and production technology. They are robust and exceptionally durable with certified safety.


The Revolid rapid roll door is a reliable industrial doors for indoor use. Fast opening and closing (1.8 m/s) with certified safety. The simple and reliable design of the rapid roll door makes it very affordable. Endurance tested for 750,000 opening cycles and comes with a 7-year warranty within the Nordic countries, other countries 2-year warranty..


The Ecolid hinged door is based on Sweden’s best-selling folding door of the same name. The hinged door is equipped with a torsionally rigid C-frame made of natural anodized profiles with thermal break and integrated tracks for EPDM rubber seals. The door is designed to be installed in exterior walls. 7-year warranty within the Nordic countries, other countries 2-year warranty..


The Ecolid steel door is based on our industrial door of the same name, and, like it, is an economically sound and eco-friendly option, which also has a high-finish surface and minimal maintenance needs. Material choice, surface coating and design are harmonized with the industrial door. 7-year warranty within the Nordic countries, other countries 2-year warranty..

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With our door configurator you can build and design your own industrial door. Request a quote for your new door via the configurator. We will get back to you with a quote within 1-2 business days.






With 50 years of experience working with industrial doors and an ability to listen to the needs of both buyers and users, we can offer you a door solution that not only provides a high level of functionality, but also contributes to an attractive and well considered building exterior.

Industrial doors that strengthen your brand.

Focus on quality

Quality pays off. That’s why our products come with a 7-year warranty within the Nordic countries, other countries 2-year warranty. as standard and have the lowest maintenance needs on the market. Our goal is not to sell a service – instead, we want you as our customer to make a good investment in an industrial door with the lowest possible maintenance costs.

Customer satisfaction

We are not just a supplier of doors. You can think of us as a partner who wants to make sure you are happy with your purchase. It is not only the product that constitutes the whole, all the encompassing services are often just as important. Let our Technical Support department assist you while our installation team ensures that your Prido door is installed the way you expect it to be.

Automated production

Our highly automated production facilities, combined with our focus on efficiency and quality at all levels, means that we can offer competitively priced doors that will ensure low costs for you, our customer, far into the future.

Buy directly from manufacturers

All our sales in Sweden are conducted from the head office in Tråvad. Our sales representatives will help you with any questions you have about our folding doors, hinged doors, sectional overhead doors, rapid roll doors and steel doors. You buy directly from us as manufacturer at the best price – with no middleman.

Delivery reliability

High delivery reliability is important. The doors must arrive on schedule and without any transit damage. Since 2010, Prido has invested in its own transport vehicles, and we currently transport 90% of all doors delivered to the Swedish market ourselves. Our documented delivery reliability of 99% is something we are proud of.


PriDrive – be a part of the evolution

PriDrive is based on our well-known Ecolid folding industrial doors, but it is equipped with our proprietary door motor and control unit. The development of PriDrive was characterized by our oft-quoted motto that the doors should be cost-effective to buy and own and easy to install and use.

Maintenance costs

Do you know what the major differences are? The folding door is designed to minimize maintenance costs. It is tested and approved for more than one million opening cycles. The service intervals are 36 months for manual doors and 18 months for motorized doors.

About Prido’s door configurator

Nicholas, IT manager at Prido, shows how easy it is to send a quote through our door configurator. Our sales representatives are ready to help you whenever necessary. Call us if you have any questions.