With 50 years of experience and the ability to listen to both the client’s and user’s needs, we are in a position to offer you industrial doors that are not only highly functional, but also help to create an attractive and well thought-out exterior for the whole property. A door that strengthens your brand.

Our highly automated production equipment combined with our focus on effectiveness and quality at all stages of the process means the doors that we supply are highly competitive and ensure low costs for you as a customer even far into the future.

Is it possible to keep improving doors?
We definitely think so, and constantly think about developing, designing and improving them.

Our many years of experience have, however, taught us the following:

  • Development and manufacturing must be done together. To ensure that we have full control, we try to do everything in our own factory in Tråvad, Sweden.
  • Doors have to be customized to reflect the opening; there are no “one-size-fits-all” products, and the design is very important overall.
  • They must be simple to install and maintain.
  • Quality pays off. That’s why our products come with a seven-year warranty and require the least maintenance as standard.
  • Price is important, as is automating and streamlining our organization.
  • Proximity to our customers without intermediaries ensures the right door is fitted in your opening.

We don’t just supply doors. You can see us as a partner that wants to guarantee your satisfaction as a customer. A partner that guarantees quality in the big things and the little things. And it is not just the product that builds the overall “picture” – the services around it are often just as important:

  • The materials in the wall, the floor’s design, fixings? There are many questionmarks surrounding a door installation, so why not let our technical support department help you!
  • Sometimes on-site measurements and inspections are required to determine which models and sizes will fit best, a service that are sales staff and installers, happy to provide.
  • Our team will make sure that your Prido doors are installed in the way that you expect.
  • We are known for our short delivery times and the high reliability of our deliveries. Please contact us to see what we can offer you.